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Sources with the objective of Energy Storage and the efficient energy usage, the usage of this sustainable energy can decrease the dependence on primary source of energy and thereby preventing the climate changes. This sustainable form of energy not only fulfils with the threat of runaway climate change, it is becoming important to utilize the renewable the present need but also focus on the future needs. Biomass, wind energy, hydro energy, and geothermal is having the higher potential with advantage of inexhaustible nature.
With one of the highest, most vibrant and transformative sectors, Renewable energy has highly complimented in the global economy. With the upcoming innovations, technological improvements Energy and improvement in the design of framework renewable energy is growing worldwide. In 2015, the investment done in in this field was around $329 billion and increasing further. With the contribution of wind energy and solar energy there has been massive increase in the renewable capacity growth that has reached to 153 Gigawatts (GW). It has overtaken the power capacity of coal. It has been estimated that the renewable energy will grow 42% in the global market by end of 2021.
Electricity generation is the greatest application of renewable energy. With the crossing population of 100 billion it has become necessary to deal with the threat of climate change through the deployment of renewable resources. With the higher availability and cheap price renewable energy is in great demand in the market. Renewable energy sources are most given importance when compared to fossil fuels like coal, petroleum.
The global energy market reached $432.7 billion in 2013 and $476.3 billion in 2014. This market is expected to $776.6 billion in 2019 with a compound annual growth of 10.3% from 2014 to 2019. Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and rest of the world are divided regionally by global renewable energy market. Europe and Asia Pacific are leading largest market for renewable energy with advancement in technology and new forms of energy across the region.
However continuous development of new technologies in renewable source and increased government funding offer new opportunities for market expansion. The global renewable energy market was divided into hydro& ocean power, wind energy, solar energy, bioenergy and geothermal energy. By end it was classified into residential, commercial, and industrial.
France is the world's largest net exporter of electricity due to its very low cost of generation, and gains over €3 billion per year from this.
The country has been very active in developing nuclear technology. Reactors and especially fuel products and services have been a significant export.
The country has been very active in developing nuclear technology. Reactors and especially fuel products and services have been a significant export.

Global Energy Summit - 2020 | France


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Global Energy Summit - 2020 | France

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