Global Energy and Renewable Enery - 2018 Global Energy and Renewable Enery - 2018


Unconventional oil and gas extractions
Coal seam gas extraction
Shale gas extraction
Tight gas extraction
Heavy oil extraction
Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
Production enhancing techniques & hydraulic fracturing
Constitutive models
Coupled process
Numerical methods
Reservoir geomechanics
Wellbore and drilling mechanics
Sand management techniques
Maintaining heat exchange
Cyclic thermal loading
Energy balance
Power conversion measures
Regulation and legislation
Case studies
Flow in porous and fractured media

Open-cut mining
Underground mining
Cave mining
Coal preparation
Minerals processing
Design methods
Ground supporting and controlling
Case studies
Outbursts and other hazards
Mining and subsidence Geomechanics
TBM in mining
Rock breaking methods

Renewable Energy Technology
Systems Integration
Modeling and Analysis
Policy & Business Innovations
Sustainable and Renewable Fuels
Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Energy Management in Power Sector
Low Emissions Development Pathways​
Challenges of High Renewable Energy Deployment
Hybrid Renewable Energy Support Policy in the Power Sector
Energy Efficiency Improvement in Coal-Fired Power sector
Analysis of Renewable Energy Barriers in Implementation

Energy and Environment
Energy and Environment
Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation
Environmental Pollution & Management
Renewable Energy Sources
Energy Policy, Planning & Management
Climate Change and Global Warming
Environmental Hydraulics
Sustainable Development
Remote Sensing and Environment
Environmental Ergonomics
Computational Techniques
Air pollution from mobile and stationary sources
Climate change
Waste Recycling/Management
Induced Mutations in Plants
CO2 Sequestrations
CO2 storage in deep coal seams
CO2 storage in saline aquifers
CO2 storage in shales
CO2 storage in depleted oil and gas reservoirs
Soil carbonations
Regulation and legislation
Cap rock integrity
Coupled hydro-chemico-mechanical processes
Reservoir geomechanics
Wellbore and drilling mechanics
Numerical methods
Flow in porous and fractured media

Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy extraction
Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)
Conventional Geothermal Systems
Thermal/mechanical response of geothermal energy piles
Ground source heat pumps operations
Heat transfer in Rocks

Civil Geotechnical Engineering
Stability of slopes/pits
Rock Mechanics
Laboratory and Insitu testings
Critical state soil mechanics

Renewable Energy
Solar electricity and PV applications
Solar cell technology
Solar cell materials
Testing and efficiency
Nanotechnology applications to RE
Solar thermal applications
Wind energy
Hydroelectric, geothermal, tides and waves
Biogas and biomass
Hybrid energy systems
Integrated energy systems
Rural electrification
Regional issues, economics and policy

Education for Sustainability
Energy issues
Environment impact assessment
Advances in sustainable buildings
Sustainable cities
Behavior on sustainability
Envisioning tomorrow sustainability

Disruptive Technologies
Smart cities technologies
Energy efficiency devices
Mobility integration
Big data
Energy access
Cost of renewable energy
Policy regulations

Authors are invited to submit abstract(s) using the submission form on this page Abstracts should contain sufficient detail on the techniques used and the results, which will be shown.You will receive a confirmation when the abstract has been received. Please contact the conference secretariat if you did not receive confirmation within 5 working days. Submission implies the intent of at least one author to register, attend the symposium and present the paper (either 12+3 minutes orally or in poster format). Contributions will only be finally accepted after registration and payment of the conference fee.The abstract will be reviewed, and you will be notified of acceptance before 27th January 2018.

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Global Energy and Renewable Enery - 2018


Global Energy and Renewable Enery - 2018
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Global Energy and Renewable Enery - 2018

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